Harvey Norman (HVN) - When Harvey meets Hockey - Quant Sell ($2.75). We rate Harvey Norman as Quant Sell with Quant Target Price (QTP) of $2.75. HVN is currently trading at post GFC high multiples due to housing recovery. Recent recovery has already priced in growth improvement that has not been sustainable over the past decade. Given the performance of big retailers, new entrants and online, we do not see the HVN offering standing up to the challenge with falling currency, budget cuts and rising unemployment. (VIEW LINK)


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Mathan Somasundaram

I have been negative on Discretionary Retail for a while and we went negative on the market earlier this month. We were very negative on MYR and TRS from the start of the year and now the rest are looking stretched with macro outlook.

James Marlay

Mathan, I take it you guys have moved to a bearish position across most discretionary retail for the moment?