Stella wang

Great questions! Thanks! " in his new venture, has not chosen to partner with any of the other highly experienced leadership team at Figure Eight." => Lukas did choose to found W&B with Chris Van Pelt. It's good that he did not poach any executive team. Would W&B render Figure8 or Appen obsolete? => W&B is a tool that streamline the machine learning software development process. As Lukas said himself in the blog you selectively quoted: "Training data is still critically important, but because of this poor tooling, many teams that should be deploying a new model every day are lucky if they deploy twice a month."

Steven Andrews

I only have a BSc in IT but I'll give it go. It seems what Biewald is doing is following what all tech head gurus seem to do (think Jobs and Apple) and go back to getting hip deep in code at some stage. The management of Figure Eight, if it is a serious company and not just a playground for nerds (again think Jobs and Apple), would ideally have good business people running it, with an IT focus. If Biewald partnered with any of current management then I think that would be a flashing amber light over the weight and depth of that management. I note that APX is looking at AI to support its translation services which is only a small part of the AI universe, which would probably be too small for Biewald. In these cases it is generally the 2ic of technology who is the person to retain as he knows how it all hangs together and lacks the 'mad' part of 'mad genius'.


Feels like 1999... Good questions raised by the article. I don't have good answers, atleast not yet.

Roger Montgomery

Hi all, appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts and comments. Thanks.

Elizabeth Geyer

I came across this article today while I am scouring the intetnet to understand Appen, Figure 8 and its moat better. This raises some really helpful and still relevant points thank you.