Jay Soloff

It was a lively day for investors in social media giant, Facebook (FB). The stock closed over $50 per share, up 2.4% on the day, but was as low as $46 at one point and as high as $56 last night in after hours trading. FB surprised the markets with much higher than expected profits. The company posted a $0.25 per share profit on revenues of just over $2 billion, well over the consensus estimate of $0.19 per share on $1.9 billion in revenues. The gains were driven primarily by strong mobile ad sales. However, the stock experienced wild swings as investors showed concern over the company's potential loss of active teen users. Apparently, teens are migrating to Instagram (owned by FB) and Twitter. It certainly bodes well for Twitter's upcoming IPO, which is starting to look like an excellent buying opportunity.


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Jay Soloff

In some ways, Twiiter should be more straightforward vis-a-vis valuation. It basically has one product. FB is expanding into quite a bit more diverse territory. Plus, Instagram could be a big deal for them and is basically not being monetized right now.

James Marlay

Jay it looks like Twitter have taken note of some of the criticism following the FB IPO. Interesting to see the level of volatility in the FB stock price given the size (mkt cap) of the business. I think it demonstrates that the market still is unsure on the true value of these companies.