The Rules of Investing: Global tech giants

Livewire Exclusive

Disruption is everywhere these days. Whether it’s Amazon and Kogan disrupting traditional retail, Facebook and Google disrupting print and television advertising, or Netflix disrupting pay TV, it’s impossible to avoid. Incumbents face the dilemma of disruption: adapt to new ways and risk hurting their existing business, or stick to their... Show More

google tesla facebook amazon disruption tencent baidu Elon Musk

5 Essential Investing Tips for Millennials: How to Start Building Wealth Early

Kent Kwan
Kent Kwan AtlasTrend

Isn’t it time we changed the dialogue around millennials and money? Moved away from berating them for their supposed avocado-eating, latte-sipping, globe-trotting habits and offered some pragmatic strategies for building a sustainable financial future? We certainly think so. It’s why we’ve broken down 5 investing tips for millennials looking for... Show More

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Why do we own Facebook?

Andrew Macken
Andrew Macken Montgomery Global Investment Management

At Montgomery Global, we believe the online technology platform is a special business model that, if successful, will deliver owners supernormal returns for a long period of time. As positive network effects compound the value of the platform’s ecosystem for all users, the ecosystem grows, and with it does the... Show More

facebook global investing NASDAQ:FB

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The Equities Drought in the USA

John Kimber
John Kimber Independent Investment Research

Low interest rates, growing earnings confidence, deconstruction of the nanny state, tax cuts, broad based gains in 7 out of 11 industry sectors and low inflation are all contributing, but the commentary has missed the most important contributor to another new high for the Dow. Show More

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Digital platforms confront fake news

Magellan Asset Management Limited

In 1995 – three years before Google was founded, nine years ahead of Facebook, a decade before YouTube and 11 years earlier than Twitter – a US court judged that internet-based Prodigy Services was akin to a publisher because the web-services company vetted and deleted inappropriate material from online message... Show More

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The 'Big Four' versus 'Big Tech'...

Damien Wood
Damien Wood Spectrum Asset Management

Small and medium-sized fintechs could struggle to compete with Australia’s large banks. However, the global tech giants could cause major problems for the banks - if they targeted wide spread general commercial banking. Show More

Why founders make the best investments

Livewire Exclusive

In this week’s Rules of Investing, I sit down with Craig McDonald, co-founder and CEO of Global Founders Funds Management. After successful careers at Goldman Sachs, Craig and his co-founder were inspired to GFFM when they came across research suggesting that founder-run businesses outperformed the broader market. This seems intuitive,... Show More

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Taxation will be a big risk for FANGs

Amit Lodha
Amit Lodha Fidelity International

Risks often come from unexpected places. For global technology companies, the obvious risks might come from obsolescence and changing consumer preferences. We think it’s taxation that presents the biggest risk for the ‘FANGs’ stocks today. Show More

google walmart netflix facebook amazon taxation fangs

US stocks are at record highs thanks to rising tech. Yet most of the tech giants are still attractively priced.

Magellan Asset Management Limited

The Dow Jones Industrial Average, the broader S&P 500 Index and the tech-heavy Nasdaq Composite Index have set record highs in 2017. A common theory as to why US share indices have risen is the increase in value of the so-called FAAMG stocks – Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft and Google... Show More

Is the stock market in a bubble?

Jason Teh
Jason Teh Vertium Asset Management

It has been about 10 years since the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) began to unfold. Very few were prepared for the financial damage that ensued. And it has permanently impacted the psyche of many market pundits. Since then, there has been no shortage of bear market predictions and lately there... Show More

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Platinum: Where to find mispriced stocks

Livewire Equities

In a recent interview, Platinum Asset Management CIO, Andrew Clifford, delivered some important insights on Chinese market opportunities. We have pulled out five key takeouts for you below. Show More

This week in tech: Netflix, Amazon and flying taxis

Lachlan MacGregor
Lachlan MacGregor Alphinity Investment Management

Cable media stocks fell sharply after AT&T announced video subscriber losses, following Comcast and leading to $60 billion being wiped off their valuations. Investors love Netflix but competition is coming. Amazon may move into the $560bn prescription drug market. And more exciting technology developments in transport. Show More

Investing in the future: Trends in technology

Livewire Exclusive

Attendees and digital pass subscribers were treated to a feast of information and analysis at Livewire Live this year, now it’s your turn. See three of Australia’s leading investors discuss the big issues in technology, both locally and globally in this exclusive panel session. Show More

This week in tech: Tech sell-off redux, is Instagram the next Facebook, and the Vacuum King takes on Tesla's Iron Man

Lachlan MacGregor
Lachlan MacGregor Alphinity Investment Management

This week there was a major sell-off in tech - including Facebook and the rest of the FAANGs, Instagram announced it has reached 800 million users and at this pace could be larger than Facebook, and Tesla has new competition in the Electric Vehicle market from Dyson. Show More

tesla facebook snapchat alibaba FANG fangs NYSE:SNAP Dyson Instagram

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Is there value in the ‘tech titans’?

Patrick Poke
Patrick Poke Livewire Markets

On the topic of valuation, Professor Aswath Damodaran is one of the greatest communicators of our time. Recently, he sat down with another famous NYU professor, Scott Galloway, to discuss the valuations of some of the world’s leading technology companies. Professor Galloway is known for his engaging TED-style talks where... Show More

Two tech stocks worth knowing about

Andrew Macken
Andrew Macken Montgomery Global Investment Management

With plenty of buzz about the FANG stocks, the next time you think of the word FANG, think about the underlying power of the business models and applying this to other stocks. Show More

The Founder or CEO, who creates more shareholder wealth?

Mugunthan Siva
Mugunthan Siva India Avenue

Travis Kalanick, co-founder of Uber Technologies took the decision to step down despite many commending him for ignoring typical corporate management convention. However, investors were unhappy and subsequently pressured him to resign. So as a shareholder, in any business, who would you prefer, the Founder or CEO? Show More

india facebook eps growth uber CEO long term investing ROE Growth

Will the tech sell-off continue? Three things to understand before deciding

Lachlan MacGregor
Lachlan MacGregor Alphinity Investment Management

Last Friday the US Technology Index fell almost 3%, with selling concentrated in the largest stocks: Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Google (the so-called 'FANGs') plus Microsoft and Apple were all down 3-5%. The slide resumed on Wednesday and Thursday and investors must question whether this will continue. I think there... Show More

google microsoft apple technology netflix facebook amazon FANG Alphabet

Aitken on markets: The good, the bad & the ugly

Livewire Exclusive

This week Livewire attended the ‘Better Manage your Wealth’ seminar, hosted by Market Matters. The event featured talks by a number of speakers including James Gerrish of Shaw Stockbroking, and Charlie Aitken of AIM. Here’s a wrap on Charlie’s current views on 'the good, the bad, and the ugly'... Show More

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The End of Creative Destruction: How Facebook and Silicon Valley Destroy Growth

Chad Slater
Chad Slater Morphic Asset Management

“Technological innovation seems to be moving faster than ever, from driverless cars to robot lawyers to 3D-printed human organs. The not-so-good news is that we can see technological breakthroughs everywhere except in the productivity statistics.” Christine Lagarde, IMF (April 2017) Show More