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James Gerrish

The Aussie market rallied strongly again today – mostly early with the ASX 200 hitting a 5 month intra-session high of 6240 just before lunchtime and that seemed get a few sellers out and about despite strong buying throughout Asia and US Futures that opened up +0.40% and stayed well... Show More

Patrick Poke

Australia on track for a GDP-per-person recession as immigration remains the only thing in the way of a full-blown recession; Bloomberg reports that US and China are close to a trade deal to end tariffs; and 35 major retail chains have gone into bankruptcy in the US since 2016. Here’s... Show More

James Gerrish

Summer is here, the cricket season is ramping up and the market has found some form managing a century in today's session. The G20 result sent investors into a buying frenzy today, and the local market managed to earn back all of Friday’s weakness plus change today. It was clear... Show More

Livewire Exclusive

For the income-focussed equity investor, there are few things that strike fear into the heart more than a dividend cut. The capital losses alone can destroy years of income, and that’s before you even consider the reduced dividend stream. Telstra has fallen nearly 30% since announcing its dividend cut in... Show More

James Gerrish

Despite S&P Futures in the US trading up +16pts (+0.65%) the Aussie market struggled to hold above water today with the banks providing most drag – the big 4 detracting around 10.5 index points from the ASX 200. The miners did OK on the back of decent buying in the... Show More

Alex Shevelev

Buying unloved stocks is part of the DNA at Forager. Most of the funds’ excess returns over almost eight years have come from buying stocks that other investors hated at the time we acquired them. Think Service Stream in 2013 or Cardno in mid-2016. Show More

Mathan Somasundaram

Local market opened positive on better commodities and currency before pulling back to finish flat. Commodities drove market higher while banks gave up initial optimism. The best performing sectors were Staples, Utilities and Miners while the worst performers were Gold, IT and Property Trust. On the stocks….(1) MTS > sales... Show More

Matthew Haupt

My colleague John Ayoub, Senior Equity Analyst, outlines our views on local infrastructure and supermarket exposures. Boral is a key pick in infrastructure and we also believe negativity towards retailers is being overplayed. In this sector our preferred picks are Woolworths and Metcash. Show More

Livewire Exclusive

Rising inflation is making headlines but the reality for income-seeking investors is that returns on traditional yield assets remain at record lows. With the real yield on term deposits delivering miserly 1.5% equities continue to lure those seeking reliable income. Show More

Stuart Jackson

Our retailers are about to face a whole new challenge. Amazon has announced it will trial a new concept store in the US that uses its ‘Just Walk Out’ technology to change the format of a traditional grocery store by removing cash registers and the check-out process. Customers simply use... Show More

Mathan Somasundaram

Market jumped higher on the back of US market bounce while overall macro concerns remain. There were clear signs that short covering popped the market from the open before rising tide raised all sectors into positive territory. Global macro remains uncertain with new US leadership policy settings delivering contradictory and... Show More