Romano Sala Tenna

Back in November 2018, we wrote exclusively for LiveWire that we remained a ‘Viva Believer’ as the stock plumbed to the depths of $1.70 and below. We reasoned that there was still insufficient evidence to indicate whether the significant decline in the refining margin was cyclical or structural. ... Show More

Asset Allocation
Tim Johnston

Fourth quarter 2018 saw the market essentially pricing in a recession via a strong risk-off sell down; economically sensitive (cyclical and financial) stocks were hit hard. In the case of financials, there were additional concerns due to negative sentiment associated with the Financial Services Royal Commission. Not surprising, expectations from... Show More

Investment Theme
James Gerrish

The market crept higher again today, continuing with the momentum gathered yesterday, albeit at a slower pace. The banks dragged however that was offset by some decent buying in some of the beaten down names (retailers etc.) while we also saw some good moves continuing in the tech space. Resources... Show More

Patrick Poke

NAB CEO and Chairman taking flak from all sides as the viability of their positions is called into question; bank short-sellers feel the squeeze as banks put on $5b in a day; and Nobel Prize winner, Danny Kahneman talks about why we contradict ourselves. Here's what's happening in markets today.... Show More

James Gerrish

The local market opened and closed strongly, but everything in the middle was weak and ultimately the index fell for the fourth day running. Equities struggled today as the market grapples with the US Fed progress and the possibility of a US Government shut down. The hail storms that battered... Show More

Vince Pezzullo

VIVA Energy Group (ASX code: VEA) is the second largest operator in the Australian retail fuels market with approximately 26% share across 1,165 sites. VEA has the sole right to use the Shell brand in Australia, and also has a large distribution network including 44 fuel import terminals and depots,... Show More

Romano Sala Tenna

Viva’s listing on the 13th of July was less than overwhelming, opening at $2.43 and closing the day at $2.40 - versus its issue price of $2.50. At $4.8bn, it was the largest IPO since Medibank, and the largest non-Government IPO in Australia’s history. And this would appear to be... Show More