the big 4 banks are absolutely vital to the Australian economy, if fraud is carried out, the individual banker should be punished, as making the banks pay heavy fines are just punishing the innocent shareholders. People must be responsible for their financial decisions, it is buyers beware.

william frederick roberts

RC huge waste of time money and resources. And was done for political reasons: Labour saw votes, why? Because a great many, maybe the majority, hate banks. I asked a friend for her view on banks, she hated them. Why? 'Because they charge me massive interest on my credit card and then whack me with a default fee when I miss a payment'. Of course there were other, justified cases, but what % of total customers was this? Turnbull saw votes turning to Labour, yikes, we better have this damn RC. Can't do that Malcolm. Sooner or later you have to stand for something.

Trevor Ridgway

The TWO "regulatory agencies " DIDN'T DO THEIR JOBS ! They should be HELD TOTALLY ACCOUNTABLE , staff should be censured and FINED ( no point incurring EXTRA EXPENSE having them "sitting-around-in-jail.".......they will notice very little difference to just "sitting-around-in-the-office" still not working ! ) and their wages and "benefits" should be reduced accordingly ! THE BANKS are not supposed to be MORAL CUSTODIANS and the epitome of ETHICAL BEHAVIOUR ! They are businesses intent on creating a PROFIT so they can pay their staff and shareholders. ["Money lenders" were equated to 'usurers' in the Bible , and despised by all those "claiming the moral high-ground" ! So......... NOTHING MUCH HAS CHANGED THERE THEN ! God , I wish hypocrites would ALL choke on their self-righteous hypocrisy ! ] The REST OF US just get on with our lives , and "ready" ACCESS to MONEY often facilitates that ! Hooray for BANKS !