royal commission

Stuart Jackson

Last week, the National Australia Bank (ASX:NAB) released details of the customer remediation charges it expects to take in its 2019 interim result following the Royal Commission into Financial Services. NAB will provide additional detail in its interim result, which is released to the market on 2 May.NAB announced an... Show More

Christopher Joye

After promising to enact the Royal Commission's recommendations to the letter before the report was even released, and then saying it accepted all the recommendations "in principle" after the report was published (whatever that means), Labor have now rejected outright one of the Royal Commission's most important findings: that mortgage... Show More

Lawrence Lam

I’m about to be somewhat facetious. Imagine two children each setting up their own lemonade stand. One is meticulous, works hard at bringing in customers and making the best darn lemonade he can. He soon has a slew of happy little customers. Sure, he starts to struggle when the crowds... Show More

Christopher Joye

Today I question whether ScoMo and APRA "boned" NAB's Henry and Thorburn - it was somewhat coincidental timing given ScoMo had called for their heads 24hrs earlier - and reveal that Labor will be giving the banks an incredible $2.6 billion annual profitability gift by forcing consumers, rather than banks,... Show More

Jonathan Rochford

In April 2016 I published an article on the myriad of problems in Australian financial services that ASIC had failed to address. The article was written shortly after the announcement that ASIC’s then head, Greg Medcraft, was being given an eighteen-month extension to his initial five-year term. Show More

Christopher Joye

In my column today I write that the biggest winners from the royal commission are demonstrably the big banks while the largest losers are Australia’s mortgage brokers. Indeed, the top end of town have done an amazing job (as we predicted) convincing everyone that brokers should be made the “fall... Show More