With the recent surge in the Australian housing market, we thought of nobody more fitting than property and finance expert Martin North to inform us of what he sees in the market currently. 

Topics include an overview of the Australian Housing market with a rebuttal to the property bull case, banking regulation and government policy towards housing, Australia’s domestic and international economic outlook, and a discussion on where housing development sits currently. 

If this episode sounds of interest to you, take a look at the episode below or in podcast form here (links are featured at the bottom right of the player if you wish to listen on your preferred platform)

Patrick Fresne

Normally I let these Livewire podcasts run in the background while I am doing research but I only really start paying attention if some perceptive point is raised. However, while listening to this one I found myself repeatedly hitting the 'rewind' button to greater appreciate the various points being raised. Some genuinely fresh insights in this, one of the better Livewire podcasts for a while.


great article, thanks.