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Patrick Poke

For more than a year now, fears of a housing-led recession have been building in Australia. First, auction clearances fell in a hole, then house price declines, falling credit growth and building approvals, and finally, unemployment began to rise. A month ago, further falls seemed inevitable. Then Australian woke up... Show More

Expert Insights

While the decline in property prices has been orderly thus far, things could get rough from here, says Charlie Jamieson, Chief Investment Officer at Jamieson Coote Bonds. The missing ingredient to date has been forced selling. Jamieson says that it’s forced selling that can “expediates the entire cycle”, leading to... Show More


To establish a "pure property debt" listed investment trust amid all negative sentiment permeating the Australian property market would have many pundits scratching their heads – but that is exactly what Qualitas did successfully in the final quarter of 2018, raising $230 million. And appetite for commercial lending only looks... Show More

Roger Montgomery

It’s always a relief to wake up from a nightmare and while we believe that the nightmare for property investors may have only just begun, there may be relief, or even a silver lining, in the form of lower bank share prices. Show More

Chad Slater

Two years ago this month, Morphic made a rare foray into the “battleground” that is Australian property views. We say battleground because, a bit like schooling, everyone has an opinion as everyone has an experience and that opinion is directly shaped by their personal experiences. Hence an area where emotions... Show More

Matthew  Coleman

The problem with the entire residential narrative is that it is based on short-term perspectives. Taking a long-term view, house price growth over the last six years is still exceptionally strong. After five years of continued house price growth in Sydney and Melbourne, where average prices rose by 75% and 55%... Show More