Hi all, something a bit different today with our weekly investment-centric webinar (also presented in podcast format) for those of you who haven't seen it. 

Episode topics vary each week over an array of topics including geopolitical events, macroeconomic trends, changes to investment markets, and wrapping up with what it all means for our investment decisions at Nucleus. 

Often episodes will feature a guest industry expert, such as this weeks, where Head of Operations Tim Fuller and I interviewed CEO of Distressed Debt Lender 'Narrow Road Capital', Jonathan Rochford. 

Topics this week include an outlook of Australian property, a worldwide government debt snapshot, the worldwide price war that’s occurring over Bonds, interest rates, and as always what this means for how we make investment decisions going forward. 

If any of that sounds of interest to you, take a look at the episode below or in podcast form here (links are featured at the bottom right of the player if you wish to listen on your preferred platform).