Jordan Eliseo

It’s been a quiet month for gold, with the yellow metal up slightly, despite a reduction in net longs, minor ETF outflows, and a rally in risk assets. Sentiment has definitely turned though, with a buy-the-dips mentality emerging amongst banks, including UBS and Credit Suisse, whilst Peter Grandich thinks “the... Show More

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Five years ago the extent of credit losses was the biggest risk for investors looking at financials, today regulation risk is the unknown. According to Uday Chiruvu, of PM Capital, as credit markets across the globe have improved the questions investors need to understand are around the minimum capital levels... Show More

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Faced with a housing bubble similar to that of the US 5 years ago, New Zealand has tried a novel way of controlling the bubble without raising interest rates and jeopardising sluggish 2.5% GDP growth. In a strategy that has recommended for Australia, The Sydney Morning Herald has reported that... Show More