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Seth Merrin, the well-renowned founder of Liquidnet in New York says he’s seeing “a massive amount of interest amongst venture capitalists in FinTech” in the U.S. because they believe that Asset Managers, Brokers and Bankers could all be massively disrupted over the next 5-10 years. Merrin singles out the asset... Show More

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Why HSBC is not the horse you want to bet on: Saxo Bank's Peter Garnry VIDEO: HSBC has been trending downwards over the past two years with highly volatile performance, and Saxo Bank Head of Equity Strategy Peter Garnry is worried. HSBC posted results earlier this week, announcing a large... Show More

Saxo Capital Markets Australia

'Steady' stocks and why they may be too good to be true: Morningstar equity analyst Brett Horn. Brett Horn, Equity analyst at Morningstar, looks at two stable bank technology companies: Fiserv and Jack Henry to demonstrate the challenges of stock picking. Fiserv and Jack Henry's businesses are in core processing; offering... Show More

Jay Soloff

With Deutsche Bank posting a surprising fourth quarter loss, it's time to give credit to just how much Bernanke and the Fed did for the US banking system. Deutsche Bank saw declining demand for banking services as well as lower debt trading revenue and a spike in legal costs. While... Show More

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Following APRA's warning to banks not to lower lending standards, the head of the Australian Bankers' Association - lobby group for the banking sector - has warned against imposing mortgage limits as this would push first home buyers out of the market. APRA released data last month that showed high-risk... Show More

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In his Monday morning report, Austin Mitchum, senior market analyst at First Prudential Markets, notes that the market is pricing in a strong set of numbers and a dividend increase as the major banks prepare to report their earnings. However, he reminds investors that back in May, when the major... Show More

James McKay

ZHThe People's Bank of China (PBOC) released an official statement addressing directly the latest liquidity conditions in the banking system and indicating that the central bank intends to maintain sufficient liquidity conditions in the interbank market. As Goldman notes, this clear communication of policy intentions is highly important to guide... Show More

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Nomura has become the latest global investment bank to scale back its Australian equities business, in a move that will see head of equities Andrew Norman and about 30 employees let go. The Tokyo-based investment bank is aligning its local operations with a global model that combines equities and fixed... Show More