Kasbah Resources had looked like one of the most likely candidates to proceed to mine development but, in a gutsy call by directors, has decided to postpone funding its Achmmach tin project in Morocco in anticipation of better tin prices later in 2015 and a better financing deal. Over the past 40 years, there have been no examples of large or prolonged rises in tin prices while the US dollar has also been going up (see second chart). The decision by Kasbah Resources directors has effectively transformed the investment proposition of the company from a tin mine development into a currency speculation. This is the theme in my Mining Journal column this week (VIEW LINK) Meanwhile, the company’s share price is at a crucial juncture (see first chart). Without a project go-ahead, the source of upside potential is harder to discern. Investment prospects will depend on how persuasively the company can put the case for a near term rise in tin prices (and, by implication, a weaker US dollar).