Stephane Andre

Fortescue is the fourth largest iron ore producer in the world, operating in the Pilbara in Western Australia. It was founded by Andrew Forrest in 2003 and has grown with the increasing demand for iron ore from its customers, mainly in China. Its main competitors are Vale, Rio Tinto and... Show More

Matt Griffin

Small cap gold stocks have had a remarkable run over the past 5 years, fuelled by rising production, a high gold price, and strong levels of cash generation. However there have been clear winners and losers, and we see a few worrying trends emerging. In this article we take a... Show More

Brad Potter

Interestingly this week we saw some new information coming out of China where they've stopped Australian imports of coal going into the Dalian port. We've known about the slowdown in processing of coal, particularly Australian coal in a number of other ports, so this new information was interesting and certainly... Show More

Alex Cowie

With markets more unpredictable than ever, I reached out to Hugh Dive at Atlas Funds to get his view of the year ahead. In this exclusive written Q&A, he shares three key considerations for investing in 2019, and one big risk investors are underpricing. Show More

David Whitten

The silver lining of the weak commodity prices between 2011 and 2016 was that many companies within the natural resources sector were forced to become much more disciplined in their operations and expenditure. This shift ultimately left companies in far better shape to capitalise on opportunities, while ensuring more stability... Show More

Investment Theme

Dr Don Hamson from Plato Investment Management is always on the lookout for the best income opportunities from equities. His research suggests that there has been a 40% increase year on year for the dividends being paid out from the resources sector. "One of the reasons why commodities are doing well... Show More