Lack of news flow has created an opportunity in IPD which has FDA approval and a full US Medicare reimbursement code that goes live on 01 January 2015 for its L-Dex lymphoedema test. While a number of hospitals are already using the test, IPD expects a large increase in patient testing once its Medicare code goes live. IPD raised $11m at 19.5c to support marketing and product preparation for 01 Jan. Accumulating this stock at anything under 19.5c looks to be an excellent 1-year play. The US-based management team are highly experienced (ex-Medtronic) and will be in Australia in July when they will outline their preparation plans for commercial rollout. By November, the opportunity to get set in IPD will be well and truly gone! Great product, great management, full US approval and reimbursement plus a large patient need and opportunity. Our initiation report from March is available here: (VIEW LINK)