Eddie Orchard

Hi Hugh, ahead of the year drawing to a close and people heading off on holidays, I was interested to get your thoughts on the best book that you have read and how it influenced the way you view investing today.

Eric Nguyen

Hi Hugh, Howard Marks recently said that volatility to him is not real risk, but rather a symptom or product of risk. How do you define risk and how do you measure it?

Patrick Poke

Are you concerned about Ramsay's loss of Chris Rex? What's your assessment of the new CEO?

Eric Nguyen

It seems that the path into funds management varies quite a lot these days. What advice would you give someone leaving university now to break into the industry?

Adrian Cachia

Corporate tax cuts in the US fuelled 2018 growth. 2019 will not have this luxury. What is your global growth outlook for 2019 and what do you see as the 1 or 2 biggest risks for markets in the next 12 months?

Alex Cowie

If low rates support higher valuations for long-duration assets like growth stocks, then is the breakout in bond rates the long-awaited catalyst for the switch back to value?

Tais Fremder

Question from George Sclauzero Hi Hugh After having performed a fundamental valuation of a company, do you take into consideration whether the company's share price is in a decline or trending up before deciding to commit funds to purchasing shares in it? Thanks

Paul Bourke

I have a question for Investors Mutual, regarding the ARQ Group. After the 30% stock price drop why did you buy shares off market and dilute shareholder value instead of buying on market and supporting the share price and share holder capital ? Your company now owns more than Black Rock Group !

Peter McDonald

Could you just show the last slide again which started with Competative Advantage, Recurring Earnings etc. Thankyou Peter

Shernavaz Cooper

In the current enviroment which sectors to buy and which to avoid. Thanks. Shernavaz Cooper

Joy Clifford

Loved the content. As a 50yr active investor I am always open to current perspectives. One of the fundamentals I have learned is to do your own homework, trust "gut reaction" but listen to the wider world. I will read "Sapiens" as it fits my fundamentals.

Glenda Clifford

Dear James and Hugh Thank you for a most interesting webinar today. The insights were very valuable to me as a small retail shareholder trying to navigate a rather scary market. I hope it’s just a Halloween thing. I appreciate the generosity of your time and for making the event so accessible. Congratulations to IML on their 20 year anniversary! Thanks and regards Glenda Clifford