Livewire Exclusive

Livewire spoke with specialist Life Sciences analyst Scott Power (RBS Morgans) following the recent AusBiotech conference in Melbourne. Scott singled out Rhinomed (CGP) as a promising and easy to understand story that is likely to spark investor interest. The Company is focused on nasal technology called BeatheAssist designed to radically improve the way you breathe. The first product is due to hit the market in two weeks and will target the four million Australians who spend up to $1 billion annually on bikes & cycling accessories. According to Power the story plays on a number thematics including health, e-commerce and the growing interest in Australian Biotech companies from specialist offshore fund managers. Rhinomed has recently put in place new management, has a product approved and ready for market and according to Power represents an exciting opportunity notwithstanding the recent share price appreciation. Presentation slides here (VIEW LINK)


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