This week James Gerrish has a wide ranging chat with Charlie Aitken, Chief Investment Officer at AIM. They start by covering US interest rates and the potential impact on stock prices, moving onto the ‘NASDAQ bubble’ and risks associated with a crowded trade. There is a ‘salad bowl’ of issues that will likely impact the market in the 2H17 and low volatility is unlikely to last. Hear their thoughts in this week’s video update.


David Green

Wow! Charlie Aitken. Appearing next week?? Hope so.

Simon Carson

If you think about the pervasiveness of the products these US tech companies provide … how if you want any almost any information you ‘just Google it’ if you want to get somewhere now, you ‘just get an Uber’ and if you are bored you just ‘go on Facebook or Instagram’ and you do all those things on your iPhone. Then if you think about how quickly this has happened and that there is no reason it that it will stop, or in fact that pervasiveness will increase. Then I would argue that these global tech monopolies are probably ‘under owned’.