High valuations currently persist in both equities and bond markets, with the latter indicating that a recession is imminent and the former suggesting that the bulls can run indefinitely. As we approach 2020 the answers to which outlook will come to fruition lie in looking at the fundamentals, particularly around the economic numbers that are being impacted by sentiment and discussions around the ongoing trade wars, which are expected to continue for a number of months.

Kej Somaia, Senior Portfolio Manager – Multi-Asset, First Sentier Investors, believes another key trend to keep a close eye on will be responsible investing and how ESG principles are properly implemented within a portfolio.

Watch the exclusive video below where Kej provides investors with a guide to navigating markets in the near term.

Markets aren’t static, so why should your asset allocation be?

Kej runs an objective-based approach to investing that combines the benefits of long-term asset allocation with dynamic short-term tilts to enhance returns and abate risks. You can find out more by hitting the 'contact' button below.