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With Macquarie Group’s release of its 2016 Annual Report and full year results comes some interesting reporting of Nicholas Moore’s remuneration. I set out my calculations – salary plus super is $819,337. Cash profit share for FY16 performance was $5,316,428 and as this represents 30% of the total profit share, his total profit share is $17,721,650. Some of this will be invested in a notional basket of Macquarie Group managed funds (RPS) but the bulk is invested in Restricted Stock Units (RSUs). Given the RPS amount of $1,240,523 disclosed in the 2016 Annual Report, the equities granted should be around $11,164,709 by my calculation. On top of this we have $251,274 earned on prior years’ RPS, $6,980,127 in value on vesting of performance share units granted in prior years under the LTI scheme, $11,766,648 representing 149,077 RSUs vested and exercised on 14 August 2015 (CSP of $78.93 on that date). So add that up how you’d like but salary plus total profit share plus earnings on prior year RPS is $18,792,261 and the vested shares come in at $18,746,775.


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