Morgans Adviser Chris Titley recently interviewed Vik Bansal, CEO of Cleanaway (ASX Code: CWY)


Vik has been at the business since July 2015 and has driven the company forward with the price over doubling since he joined.

A summary of quotes from the interview:

MARKET LEADERSHIP : “Scale gives you an opportunity for operating leverage….for me more importantly (than market leadership) is having the right scale in the right waste stream, in the right value chain”

RECURRING REVENUE : “In our case, 80-85% of the customers are contracted… from 3-5 years to 10-15 years”

SECTOR: “Waste is the new black”

TECHNOLOGY:  “Technology is an enabler, not a disruptor. We want to make sure  (when we invest in  technology ) that  it’s a long  term  differentiating leverage we can create otherwise  it’s technology for technology sake

ACQUISITIIONS:  “Tox has been quite a good strategic acquisition for us … and we re-confirmed our synergies of $35m .. so far , so good  and we are very happy with the acquisition”


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