China’s rise from student to teacher

Alex Duffy

From my initial visits to China in the early part of last decade, one element which stood out was the sheer scale of the industrial economy and the implications which a market of that size had on domestic manufacturing and industrial companies. In the construction equipment sector in 2005 it... Show More

technology China innovation

Why China? Why now?

Eng-Teck Tan

Hard landing? Not even close. China's GDP growth is stabilising. The country is riding on the dual trends of a growing tech and consumer culture. From almost nowhere, its private companies are becoming world-beaters in high-growth tech sectors, from smartphones to civilian drones, e-commerce to ride-sharing. Show More

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The clearest trends worth talking about

Jeremy Podger

You can’t step twice into the same river. Stock markets are in a state of constant flux but there are currents that can persist over long periods. Think of the fund manager as navigating a river which is constantly twisting and turning, sometimes calm and sometimes perilously turbulent. At times,... Show More

technology trends momentum

Gain today, pain tomorrow?

Gareth Brown

The best run businesses think long term. While it’s easy for management to roll out a few platitudes each quarter, talk is talk. The acid test is whether management embraces activities that hurt in the short run in order to reap in the long run. I’ve always thought of this... Show More

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Investing ahead of the curve

Livewire Exclusive

While ‘technology’ was once a distinct industry, today there is technology in every business and every sector globally. Being a successful investor in this environment means buying businesses that can stay ahead of the curve, explains Garry Laurence, Portfolio Manager at Perpetual Limited. He shares the example of Nasdaq; while... Show More

Hunting for value in global tech

Livewire Exclusive

Valuations have been marching steadily higher in the technology sector over the past few years. Companies like Amazon and Netflix are now trading on triple-digit PE multiples, so where can the value-conscious investor turn? There are opportunities for those willing to look past the popular mega-caps, says Garry Laurence, Portfolio... Show More

Chart Of The Week: REITs, GICS Changes, and Tech

Callum Thomas

This week it's a chart of US REIT ETF Assets Under Management, but basically as a prompt to talk about some previous and upcoming changes to the ubiquitous GICS system. The previous change was implemented in September 2016 and saw the new Real Estate sector split out from financials. Sure... Show More

equities technology reits telecoms sectors GICS sector rotation

The next 12 months for Facebook

Amit Lodha

This time last year, I published an article on Livewire called ‘What Peter Lynch taught me about Facebook’. Here, I made a warning call on the data privacy issues Facebook is facing today. Livewire has since got in touch with us to discuss: what the next 12 months looks like... Show More

Investing in an AI future

Crestone Wealth Management

We recently invited a group of Australia’s leading venture capital (VC) investors to provide their views on various technology themes and how they are likely to impact the world in which we live. Our panel included Daniel Petre AO, Co-Founder and Partner from AirTree Ventures, Niki Scevak, Managing Director and... Show More

Morgans "40 under 40" Podcast - Interview with Matt Heine, Joint MD of Netwealth Group

Chris Titley

I recently chatted to Matt Heine, Joint MD of Netwealth about their journey from a startup to ASX listed life. NetWealth provided their Quarterly business update today, their first as a listed company which has seen the share price react favourably. Matt also provides some great advice for business leaders. Show More

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CommSec Executive Series: MyFiziq Limited (MYQ) CEO & Co-Founder, Vlado Bosanac


CommSec's Steven Daghlian speaks with MyFiziq Limited (MYQ) CEO & Co-Founder, Vlado Bosanac about: Background and technology behind MyFiziq’s mobile phone application; Benefits of the body shape tracking technology; Recently signed deals in the US and Singapore; and the Outlook for MYQ over the next 12 months Show More

Outlook 2018: Developed markets looking expensive

Jacob Mitchell

The year of 2017 was the year of the structural winner, with the market led higher by the digital platform “FAAMNGS” (the acronym keeps extending as the list of perceived winners broadens) and the stylistic domination of Growth. Disruption was never more topical with nothing appearing more disruptive than crypto-currency... Show More

Could this factor be the best predictor of whether a company will survive or thrive in the post Amazon world?

Alison George

The launch of in Australia continues to occupy the attention of investors, and for good reason. Valuations for multiple stocks will continue to be adjusted as the market works through the longer term implications from entry of the online retailing behemoth. Show More

retail technology amazon disruption disruptive technology human capital

Will technology destroy jobs and inflation?

Diana Mousina

The pace of technological inventions and improvements continues to grow but anxiety and fear around the impact of these changes to jobs is lifting even more. The focus of new technology in the market this year has been around “machine learning”, which is a subsect of artificial intelligence that deals... Show More

inflation technology disruption amp capital

All roads lead to Asia in 2018

Dr. Mary Manning

Asia is the fastest growing region in the world, with average GDP growth of 2 to 3 times that of Australia and other developed countries. Despite compelling growth and valuations, it is difficult for Australian investors to access Asian markets directly. Ellerston Asian Investments (ASX:EAI) offers an easy and efficient... Show More

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The dichotomy in business today

Amit Lodha

Technology is enabling businesses to start up at lower costs than ever before. Whether it’s renting server farms from Amazon Web Services, purchasing subscription software on a monthly plan, or hiring cheap developers from overseas, the digital age has brought a myriad of options to entrepreneurs. Show More

technology start-ups Fidelity International

Why overseas tech firms are listing in Australia

Neil Carter

Technology firms have traditionally turned to venture capital, but in recent years there has been an influx of overseas start-ups shunning VCs in favour of an ASX-listing. Have these firms failed to raise cash elsewhere and turned to the ASX as a last resort, or is something else going on? Show More

technology ifm investors

Paul Moore: Don’t underestimate the magnitude of change ahead

Alex Cowie

I found this short video from PM Capital’s CIO, Paul Moore, really thought-provoking, and have pulled out a few quotes for you to highlight some points that jumped out (with full video below). These include a warning on rising rates, calling technology crowded, and the systemic risk from ETF's... Show More

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US stocks are at record highs thanks to rising tech. Yet most of the tech giants are still attractively priced.

Magellan Asset Management

The Dow Jones Industrial Average, the broader S&P 500 Index and the tech-heavy Nasdaq Composite Index have set record highs in 2017. A common theory as to why US share indices have risen is the increase in value of the so-called FAAMG stocks – Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft and Google... Show More

Buy Hold Sell: 5 big tech stocks

Buy Hold Sell

Successful tech stocks can build a business from stealing market share by outplaying incumbents. However, these disruptors can in time then become the disrupted. To test the outlook five big tech stocks, Roger Montgomery from The Montgomery fund and Neil Carter from IFM Investors, join Jeremy Hook from TMS Capital... Show More