Oscar Oberg

Nufarm (ASX: NUF) is an undervalued agricultural crop protection company that has strong global exposure with 97% of earnings originating from outside Australia. We invested in NUF as we believed the market was incorrectly assuming that poor drought conditions in Australia and Europe would continue indefinitely. Furthermore, the share price... Show More

James Gerrish

The ASX oscillated in a 30 point range today and was again choppy under the hood – however a more bearish day overall with Materials (for a change) leading the fall. US Futures traded in the red for most of the session while Asian Markets tracked a similar path –... Show More

Investment Theme
James Gerrish

The Aussie market rallied strongly again today – mostly early with the ASX 200 hitting a 5 month intra-session high of 6240 just before lunchtime and that seemed get a few sellers out and about despite strong buying throughout Asia and US Futures that opened up +0.40% and stayed well... Show More

Stuart Jackson

Australia’s drought may be the worst in 800 years and is also likely to affect many agriculture companies. Reviewing the FY2018 result by agricultural chemical company, Nufarm (ASX:NUF), makes interesting reading. While Nufarm’s results were in line with the guidance provided by the company in July, the result includes two... Show More

NAOS Asset Management

"We're facing a perfect storm here in the Australian agricultural market, with the dry conditions leading to a poor winter crop, an over-supply of products and increased competition across our sector. The whole agricultural supply chain is feeling the impact of this year's extremely dry conditions” Greg Hunt, CEO, Nufarm Show More

NAOS Asset Management

“The switch from traditional fuels into renewables is just a massive switch, and we're seeing it across so many different businesses that we are working with – not just our own business, but so many different businesses out there, where the energy profile they are looking at is changing as... Show More