Daily Report
James Gerrish

Another fairly busy session today with weakness in US Futures before our open this morning thanks to Trump’s tweets over the weekend ensuring we opened on the back foot, while a weaker than expected quarterly update from CBA had the banks in the crosshairs + throw in a downgrade for... Show More

Schroders Australia

In its bid for Dulux this month, Nippon Paint offered yet another example of the ability for differing perspectives to provide divergent outcomes when it comes to the subtle art of company valuation. Dulux is an exceptionally well run company with powerful brands commanding a vastly disproportionate share of profitability... Show More

Peter Quinton

Champion Stocks all have a long term positive thematic, which should drive superior earnings growth and shareholder value over the coming years, notwithstanding inevitable disruptions in the economic and investment environment as well as some corporate stumbles from time to time.Therefore, we are not particularly concerned about the current year’s... Show More

Peter Gardner

Interest rates around the world, including Australia, have been falling recently. Where conventional wisdom one year ago was for rising rates, now expectations have factored in domestic rate cuts and falling yields over the next 3 years. Aussie 10-year government bonds are at all-time lows standing at 1.75%. This change... Show More

Buy Hold Sell
Buy Hold Sell

The Australian economy is undoubtedly slowing, which was evident given the number of earnings downgrades and soft results witnessed in the most recent earnings season. And while bottom-up stock pickers try to identify those growth companies poised to rerate based on a catalyst, paying close attention to what is happening... Show More

NAOS Asset Management

"We now have the world's only fully automated, end-to-end bricklaying solution, with a massive market waiting for it. We now begin the next exciting phase for the company as we execute our global commercialisation strategy to capitalise on the significant demand for our technology." Show More


Almost 12 months ago, we published an article about the coming boom in Australian infrastructure spending. At the time, a popular chart by Macromonitor (see below) was being passed around among fund managers and economists showing the massive increase in spend over the coming years. Source: Macromonitor While a combination of stock-specific... Show More