Andrew Blattman – MD of IPH discusses the history of the business and some commentary around the FY result.

BACKGROUND : “We listed in November 2014, underpinned by the business of Spruson and Fergsuson..since that time we’ve acquired a number of businesses”

MARKET LEADERSHIP : “We are number 1 in Australia, We are number 1 in NZ and number 1 in Singapore in terms of market share”

CLIENTS:” We have a number of corporate clients..and our clients expect to deal with a market leader..we win work because we are doing a good job..and if we are not number 1 we should be doing a better job”

“We are so privileged of our client base.. and we’ve had some for generations that underpins us all”

CULTURE:   “if you look after the client and you do a good job, the rest comes..We just need to do it more efficiently in some businesses as opposed to others”

FY RESULT : “It was a fantastic full year result.. it’s a good business.. it was a good business 100 years ago and is still a good business”