Morgans adviser Chris Titley spoke to Cameron Coleman , CEO of Wagners about their transition to listed life .


HISTORY: “Wagners is 29 years old, founded by Henry Wagner .. I’ve worked in the organisation for 24 years”


IPO : “Quite an interesting experience for us a management team we’ve had to learn a few new disciplines and we’ve  had to adjust the way we operate our day to day activities ..but our general managers don’t notice much change, just getting on with the job”


FY RESULT:  “Our Maiden result we were very happy with..we had to work hard… we were very happy with the performance of the business “


TECH: “I guess our commitment to innovation and our people are the things that separate us from other organisations.. new generation building materials is something we are excited about”


INTERNATIONAL: “It is a global business… We’ve just won a reasonable size foot bridge order in to  Florida, and we do operate across the world"