mid cap

Marcus Padley

Last week we saw BWX, BKL, A2M, WTC, NCK, NAN and BIN all up 7% or more. BAL is up 85% in three months, A2M is up 83%, WTC is up 55%, BWX is up 28%, BLA is up 46%. The mid-cap sector is having a dream rally. A lot... Show More

Clime Asset Management

The market is thirsty for yield and it's definitely there to be exposed. In this analyst opinion piece we look at the themes coming out of reporting season thus far and the likely implications for the remainder of the companies reporting their results. http://www.clime.com.au/investing-report-archive/reporting-season-whats-hot/ Show More

Marcus Tuck

For the last year or so the small cap part of the Australian share market (defined as stocks outside of the ASX 100 index) has been steadily outperforming their large cap brethren. The chart shows the relative performance of the Small Ordinaries price index against the ASX 20 price index,... Show More

Star stock-picker, Charlie Aitken, thinks that stock markets may have peaked in April 2015. “It’s probably fair to say that the bull market is over. I think you have to pick stocks”. Most of the top 20 stocks are going backwards as there’s no growth in banks or resources. While... Show More

Paradice Investment Management

Between the end of “reporting season” and mid December, we spend our time on the road visiting companies and looking for undiscovered gems. Visiting so many companies gives us a good feel for how the economy is performing. The reality is that it’s a mixed bag out there, but it’s... Show More