Reporting season can be a tumultuous time for investors, full of all the drama, intrigue and revelation of a good spy movie. This year, perhaps more than others in recent memory, we believe there is a heightened level of risk in three key areas of the broader market. Overlay this with the potential ‘Russian-Roulette’ wheel that is Donald Trump, and you have the makings of a very interesting month ahead. Resources stocks have surged over the past few months in line with the prices of iron ore, crude oil and other benchmark commodities. The prospect of massive infrastructure spending in the US and the stabilisation of Chinese economic growth, in addition to improving PMI data has also supported the ‘return of resources’ theme. We expect upcoming volatility to provide the opportunity to selectively deploy capital into our most favoured positions. Be aware of inherent risk within resources and retailers and have conviction in backing your best investment ideas. (VIEW LINK)