Patrick Poke

RBA Govenor Philip Lowe's speech sends AUD into a tailspin; Australia's biggest private land developer says defaults on house and land packages in Melbourne are at 25%; and the Chinese economy is being pulled in two conflicting directions, so just how bad is the slowdown? Here's what's happening in markets... Show More

Andrew Mitchell

Some wonderful examples of entrepreneurial drive and global innovation can be found in the burgeoning New Zealand startup community and emerging listed companies. Here we share our thoughts on the scene following a recent trip, and update on Xero as well as an earlier-stage NZ tech success story. Show More

Joshua Baker

Pushpay offers a mobile payments and engagement product, specifically targeting the US faith sector. Pushpay has become a leading solution provider within this sector and has grown from nothing to processing an annualised equivalent run-rate of US$3b of giving to US churches, in ~5 years. Show More

Roger Montgomery

Recent experience excepted, corrections are typically more frequent and regular than many would prefer, so investing should not occur without acceptance of this. That said, it’s important to prepare, first by making the right investments, and secondly by adopting the right temperament. Show More

Buy Hold Sell

Big established companies are struggling to grow and the ASX20 has delivered miserly 5% annual return since 2012. For investors seeking some growth the challenge is to identify tomorrow’s leaders. In the final episode of Buy Hold Sell for 2017 we ask two fund managers that specialise in finding growth... Show More