We all know that big caps are growth-constrained and mid and small caps are where you find the real opportunities in the market. For example, a2 Milk has seen its share price jump more than 20 times in three years to give it an $8 billion market cap, taking it from a small cap to one of the 50 biggest companies on the ASX. Awareness in the market that global stocks present a better opportunity is now reaching tipping point, so in this week’s podcast we chat with global mid-cap specialist, Arik Star who's the Portfolio Manager of Ellerston Global Investments. We discuss how he finds opportunities by looking for companies going through periods of change, how they profited from the recent spike in volatility, and the $21 billion opportunity for content creators.

Pete Latham

Always Informative, Broadens the investing mind, and educates one on the depth of research that goes into investment decisions by major (and successful) fund managers. Hearing the reasons behind the decisions to invest is like gaining access to the hidden 90% of the investment "iceberg"; and informing us retail investors that "don't know that we don't know"!

James Marlay

Enjoyed the analysis of PayPal - such a great example of looking through the headlines to understand the full story. Goes a long way to explaining why 'ignore the noise' is one of the most common pieces of investing advice you hear from fund managers.

donald swain

Very sane and measured commentaries. Should be available to secondary students as well as geriatrics .