Kees Weel , founder of PWR discusses the history of the business since listing as well what they are seeing for the future. 


SINCE IPO :   (The company ) “It’s been strong.. and since the float it’s been out of control..”

BALANCE SHEET:  “We’ve had a very strong balance sheet since day one , and that allows you too , I won’t say “spend  freely”, but.. it gives you a lot more freedom in things you believe in yourself”

TEAM : “I’ve got a team of people that have been around me for a long time and know how we tick.. our engineering staff in the business has been very strong”

PACE:  “If you don’t know your business well.. and you get conjecture or torn.. it just holds your business up, so I think that’s been a big  part of our business to move free as quick as we have”

MARKET LEADERSHIP: “We’ve always said we manufacture pretty good stuff.. to be a leader in anything you have to lead with a passion and self belief and that’s what we have…”

TECHNOLOGY:   “PWR is a technology company without a doubt.. and by the way we manufacturer nice pieces of kit!”

OUTSIDE OF FORMULA 1 : “Now it’s (The company )  going in to cooling computers for autonomous vehicles. We are very heavily involved in that… We see a very good space in aerospace and high end military”

FY RESULT COMMENT : “The FY was strong….We know where we are , and we know what our  future is…

OUTLOOK: “looking ahead it’s very strong…  It gives us a lot of confidence in spending the capex where we need to spend it”