Rodney Lay

What you going long / short on???

Mark Dawson

Stephen, you haven't seen anything yet. Wait until there's a run on the banks with everyone's trying to withdraw there cash. Our banking industry isn't in great shape and either is our governments response to bail them out. It'll be like the toilet paper pandemic. People have a fear of missing out! Common sense has been thrown out and there are many in full on panic mode, especially small business that no longer have any business. I agree that things will eventually improve again, but I for one wont be rushing out to buy up any bargains stocks just yet. The current pandemic and economic chaos to come could last a lot longer than any of us predict.

Carlo Russo

Macro As far as I can tell. The Fed and central banks were orginally designed to lend to corporations in bad times(until war broke out). Not bankers Not goverments. The current transmission has failed imo (re: inflation). Who are productive members and net tax payers of the community. Protect them from insolvency through loans that get them through. If interest rates are rising then Central banks are looking like losing control. Don't fight the fed is dying as will confidence. If central banks mantra is stability in Markets and insolvencies start to rise like the pandemic curve they are all trying to flaten!! whos not doing their job properly? Its time to act imo