Amazon – more than a global retail player

Peters MacGregor Capital Management

A well-researched and dynamic stock watch list is the bedrock of a good investment strategy that delivers value over the long-term. This holds true for professional and individual investors. Show More

What does outstanding stock picking look like?

Tim Kelley

Most investors would be familiar with the sorts of returns a successful stock-picker might aim to produce. Often, a fund will have an explicit target of beating the market by an amount of, say, 5 per cent per annum over rolling 5-year periods. It is interesting then to think about... Show More

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Podcast: How to navigate the volatile market

Peters MacGregor Capital Management

In the first episode of the Peters MacGregor Global Investing Podcast, Head of Research, Nathan Bell, and Senior Investment Analyst, Trevor Scott discuss recent market volatility and building a portfolio of high quality companies, such as NVR and Amazon, that will deliver value over the long-term regardless of short-term market... Show More

What drives investment performance?

Tim Kelley

We recently undertook an analysis to try to better understand the structure and behaviour of the equity market, with a view to identifying cause and effect relationships that drive investment performance. Firstly, we organised the equity market into industry clusters based on similarity of investment performance. This is similar in... Show More

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Montgomery Global’s 4 steps to investing

Andrew Macken

In this short video I discuss Montgomery Global’s four-step investing process by reviewing a core holding in our global portfolios. If you are interested in the four-steps, watch the short video here. Show More

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A world of opportunity

Nathan Bell

After eight years of falling interest rates and quantitative easing, most investors are wondering how long before the next great fall and when it will happen, mostly so they can dump their shares and avoid the pain suffered during the GFC. Show More

Uber: The network effect, in reverse

Alex Pollak

Do not expect Uber to right itself now that CEO Travis Kalanick has “resigned.” The company’s problems run far deeper, and the story has far from played out. Show More

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100 Baggers Common Traits

Mark Tobin

For many investors that focus on small cap and microcap stocks, the dream is of finding a 10-bagger or even a 100-bagger stock. The little stock that turned into an absolute world beater, something akin to finding a McDonalds in the late 1960’s when it had roughly a 1,000 outlets... Show More

Where to invest in 2017 (for 2037)

Ben Heap

Investing in Australia has been relatively straight forward for the past thirty years - buy domestic banks and property - however, this investment strategy is in its twilight. The challenge for investors, and indeed for the Australian economy itself, is to invest for the future rather than the past. More... Show More

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Hedge fund bests Buffett

Christopher Joye

In The Australian Financial Review I argue that the best traders make money through consistent short-term investing rather than via irregular long-term bets given volatility and uncertainty scale with time and in this context reflect on the incredible net returns produced by the world's greatest investor, Renaissance Technologies, which have... Show More

The Australian Microcap & Nanocap Landscape

Mark Tobin

In this article I provide an overview of the The Australian Microcap & Nanocap landscape and look at some of the opportunities these companies present for investors portfolios. I review the diversification benefits they can bring to a portfolio not just in terms of market capitalisation but also sector diversification.... Show More

Blackwall Limited ASX:BWF A Microcap Property Play Update

Mark Tobin

5 months ago we highlighted Blackwall Property Funds It looked well funded, undervalued and with its "WOTSO Workspaces" shared office model in early phase development, BWF overall looked interesting. The "WOTSO Workspaces" has plenty of room to grow, in terms of both the offering itself versus conventional offerings and... Show More

What is the difference between a technology investment and a disruptive one?

Alex Pollak

Investors always assume that disruptive businesses are technology businesses. Amazon started as a constituent of the technology sector, but is now part of S&P consumer discretionary, along with Toyota, Home Depot, McDonalds and Disney. Show More

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What Pokemon Go really means

Alex Pollak

Nintendo (Tokyo 7974) jumped another 17% today, hitting a high of 26,460 Yen per share, and has now doubled in two weeks. At this value, the company is worth US$34b. That is just a whisker less than Sony, and means that Nintendo’s value has increased by 3x the US$5.9b value... Show More

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Nanocap Play Hitech Group Australia HIT:ASX A Tech play from a different angle

Mark Tobin

Hitech Group Australia HIT:ASX Mkt Cap $11.5mil, SP 37c, No Debt, Est. Cash of $3.5mil, Est ex cash FY16 P/E 5.7, FY16 EPS Growth circa 20%, doesn't pay a dividend but franking credits available. Show More

What is a reasonable return?

Livewire Exclusive

With low growth and low rates investors are grappling with the question of what returns they should expect. Mark Burgess, former CEO of The Future Fund, has warned that investors now need to lower their sights. "The reason it's so critical is because if you've got too higher number, you'll... Show More

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Commodities: Has the trend changed?

Karl Siegling

Predicting turning points in any stock is very difficult, but it's particularly difficult in resources stocks. However, once a trend has been established it tends to last for a considerable period of time. This is particularly true for cyclical stocks and industries. Read about how we deal with this set... Show More

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What Myer can teach us about successful investing

Intelligent Investor

Myer’s new strategy continues to show signs of success. So why did so few investors spot the opportunity when it was available? Show More

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Four steps to finding a great investing idea

Steve Johnson

The idea generation part of an investment process is something that get's a lot less attention than it deserves. At Forager, we have a clearly defined process for researching an idea and working out whether the idea is a good one or not. But how do you come up with... Show More

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Market Matters Morning Report Monday 11th April 2016

Nicholas Forsyth

Is the CRB Index about to lead equities down? Show More

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