Mark Tobin

Veris Limited (VRS: ASX announced another acquisition in its continuing strategy to rollup firms in the surveying and urban/regional planning business. Veris decided to wind down its old OTOC construction business over last 18 months to focus on its surveying and planning strategy. The new acquisition was well received with... Show More

Data#3 reports today, and has seen growing interest from our contributors in recent months. While the company has seen a few cycles, it has evolved significantly in recent years, with Wilson AM, Novaport and Tamim all now taking a positive view. Show More

NovaPort Capital

Data #3 is an IT services company with a rich history dating back almost 40 years. Since listing in 1997, the company has grown to over 1,100 employees and has expanded its services capability beyond Queensland. Last financial year it posted over $980m in revenue, with net profits growing 30%... Show More

Guy Carson

When evaluating a business, it is important to understand what drivers will have an impact on the profits and profitability. In the case of most businesses, currency will be a factor to a varying degree. Exporters will benefit when a currency falls, importers will benefit when it rises. Those companies... Show More

With the Australian dollar picking up, we asked a contributor panel for their views on which sectors to avoid, and which sectors could benefit. Today they go on to share four stocks they think offer a good risk-adjusted exposure to a rising AUD. Read on for responses from Chris Stott,... Show More