Barry FitzGerald

The mining giants have declared a new-found appetite for battery metals. And the word from on high is good news for leveraged battery juniors like Mincor and Liontown; Plus, Bellevue dangles the resource-upgrade carrot and analysts line up to tip big things for Strandline.FOMO among major miners BHP and Rio... Show More

Daily Report
James Gerrish

Stocks fell today with the financials leading the decline – ANZ the worst of the banks after a litany of downgrades filtered through post yesterday’s result. The first reaction yesterday to BUY the stock was clearly wrong and sellers took hold today, while NAB was a relative performer after they... Show More

Luke Cummings

The starting gun has been fired. Wesfarmers (WES.ASX) and Kidman Resources (KDR.ASX) this morning announced a proposal that would see Kidman acquired at $1.90 per share. In a discussion last year, we looked at the nature of M&A activity in the context of an industry boom and bust cycle and... Show More

Jason Teh

The most talked about harbinger of a recession is the inverted yield curve. Google trends show recent internet searches on “inverted yield curve recession” have reached a fever pitch. Source: (VIEW LINK) It is interesting to note that in February 2005 the same search terms also reached extreme levels. Yes,... Show More

Peter Gardner

Interest rates around the world, including Australia, have been falling recently. Where conventional wisdom one year ago was for rising rates, now expectations have factored in domestic rate cuts and falling yields over the next 3 years. Aussie 10-year government bonds are at all-time lows standing at 1.75%. This change... Show More


Growth stocks like Afterpay, Appen and Nearmap that are making waves offshore have been dominating the leader board. Meanwhile, domestic cyclicals have been struggling as deteriorating economic conditions weigh them down. How are investors supposed to invest in this dichotomy, in which growth stocks with overseas success look ever more... Show More