Oil Part 2 and why financial markets are tumbling Our portfolio is currently up 6% for October and 2.8% for the week as a type. Our investors are pleased and I am focussed on why markets are acting the way they are right now. Sure we are making the right calls, but this Oil sell off and negative flow on effect to almost all markets in recent days is far faster, powerful and volatile than I expected. There is pain, stress and dislocation in the markets out there and I have a few hunches on where it is coming from which I want to discuss today. Firstly, take a look at the chart below of the Shale Gas Index, Energy Sector Index and Crude Oil. Energy markets are going down in a blaze not dissimilar to a Zoolander Gas Fight or slipping away like a US Oil Spill. (View both after reading further!) Let me explain what I think is going on right now, which could get a whole lot scarier for global markets. Read more... (VIEW LINK)

Daniel Weston

Thanks you Rudi, tell me when you think I am wrong too!

Daniel Weston

Thank you Rudi

Rudi Filapek-Vandyck

Daniel, within the framework of what can possibly become the next unintended consequence of Fed reducing global liquidity I think your observations/predictions direct attention to one possible outcome. Well done