While the bushfires continue to rage in parts of the country, you may not be aware that two Australian innovators are revolutionizing the way burns are treated. 

The current standard-of-care for large body surface area burns is to put a layer of animal product down below the skin graft. The problem is that if the wound gets infected, bacteria literally eat the layer. This also makes it unusable in infections like flesh-eating bacteria. Polynovo has a polymer product that is a fraction of the cost and completely sterile. This has further applications in the hernia market and cosmetic surgery. At least some surgeons are absolutely raving about it. 

Avita is even more exciting. Based on technology developed in Perth by Fiona Wood, the firm has developed a spray on skin device that has 1/80th the requirement of a normal skin graft. This is great news for burns, paediatric scalds and large surface area  wounds, but the opportunities in genetic skin diseases, vitiligo and even aged skin rejuvenation are even more exciting. 

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00:28 – Coronavirus, and how to calculate the real mortality rate

02:20 – The common cold is a coronavirus

04:18 – Market performance during past pandemics

05:00 – Why you shouldn’t sell your stocks because of the coronavirus!

07:00 – Australian bushfiresand two Aussie burns innovators

07:50 – Introducing Polynovo (ASX:PNV) and how the firm’s improving the existing standard-of-care for serious burns over the incumbent, Integra

14:40 – Avita (ASX:AVH)

15:12 – Avita's RECELL system

16:16 – How ReCell improves recovery

17:10 – The opportunity in Vitiligo

19:12 – Skin grafts

19:47 – How Avita fits within our focus on customer love

20:45 – Avita’s opportunity in skin rejuvenation opportunity

22:40 – Australian life sciences successes of the past

25:10 – The real value uplift opportunity in life sciences

26:50 – More customer love!

27:18 – Avita and Polynovo's cash situation

28:40 – Mesoblast

30:50 – Bitcoin, the life sciences, and tying it all together.