Michael Frazis

It has never been less fun to win on a short. By some counts, Biogen's stock collapse marked the latest failure in over a hundred clinical trials based on the amyloid-beta (Aβ) hypothesis. Biogen deserves full credit for taking such a bold financial risk, but something has clearly gone very... Show More

John Kimber

The degradation of addiction is only matched by the willing acceptance by the community of drugs of addiction the worst offenders being opioids which are regularly prescribed for chronic pain and which often lead on to death. Show More

Scott Power

“The Morgans Healthcare team has today released its top 5 emerging healthcare names with some near term milestones. Companies that we’re looking at that we think over the next 1-2 months will produce some catalysts that if positive will drive the share prices.” For the list of 5 stocks and... Show More