In little over a year since launching The Rules of Investing podcast, Patrick Poke has published 28 podcasts with Australia’s best fund managers, hitting the iTunes top 10 on multiple occasions, achieving episodes with over 6000 plays, and racking up a cumulative 5.2 years of listening time. After such a strong first year, it struck me that as the interviewer, Patrick only gets to give listeners a taste of his passion and knowledge of the subject matter. So to change things up a bit, and to kick off the podcast for 2019, I suggested we put him in the hot seat, and arranged for a former guest on the show to ask the questions. Thanks to Arik Star, Portfolio Manager at Ellerston Capital, who has done a sterling job of putting Patrick through his paces in this special episode of ‘The Rules of Investing’. We hope you enjoy it!

Topics discussed:

  • The investors who've influenced him the most, and the lessons they taught him
  • His top reading recommendations
  • Why uranium could be poised further gains
  • An Australian company with a 73% market share and a long runway of growth. 

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Rodney Forrest

Cracking podcast. Well done. China has plans for c345 Nuclear Reactors (double world fleet) - Source, 2008 paper by Chinas NDRC Director Jiang titled Chinas Nuclear Power under 1.5 degree.

Peter Brown

How can I listen to this podcast?