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Alexander Portz (LinkedIn) began his career investing in technology for UK funds management giant Neptune, before joining London-based VC fund Redline Capital. It's rare indeed to speak to someone with experience across the public and private side of tech investing.

We had a fascinating chat covering robotic process automation, innovation investing, and life in venture capital vs public markets.

0:50 - Alex talks about his start in public markets
2:30 - Tech investing at Neptune Capital
3:50 - Alex discusses a high-performing company during his time at Neptune
6:20 - Michael and Alex discuss a stand-out semiconductor manufacturer
8:05 - The importance of investing in high quality companies
9:25 - Investing using an EV/Sales ratio and sales growth (Shopify as an example)
9:50 - The opportunity presented by Blue Prism
10:00 - Alex and Michael extensively discuss Blue Prism
15:05 - Alex outlines his firm's investment in Catalytic, an innovative 'SAAS-linker'
18:10 - How Alex is finding the change between public markets and venture capital (VC)
20:40 - Carrying out due diligence on a VC deal compared to public markets research (sourcing, sector research etc)
23:05 - The incentives of public companies' management to always be positive
25:45 - How Alex splits his time within VC
29:20 - Some exciting thematics, such as quantum computing
30:55 - The concept of Moore's law
33:00 - The highest quality sources of learning in quantum computing
34:24 - The opportunity in mental health software such as Catasys
36:50 - Expensive data paid for by hedge funds
39:30 - The importance of reviewing companies' real-time data before the rest of the market
41:10 - Some useful data points that can be gathered from LinkedIn
42:40 - Alex's recent public markets' investments in high growth SAAS
44:00 - Michael outlines the fund's recent strategy of buying coronavirus 'recovery plays'
47:10 - Are MongoDB and Shopify overvalued?
49:50 - Alex discusses his positive outlook on lithium
52:00 - Michael and Alex reminisce on their scientific research projects at Oxford