Rock bottom for the resources sector had once appeared to be November 2008. Then, June 2013 looked like the worst but several commodity prices, including iron ore and crude oil, still left some profits cyclically inflated. Now, the next stop looks like the levels that prevailed in the late 1990s. One of the following four investment options is the choice confronting anyone considering an investment. Firstly, just wait. Secondly, focus on the largest stocks in the sector for their longevity (although their market standing may have kept their share prices aloft unsustainably). Thirdly, look for those companies near the front of the queue best poised for quick development at the onset of a cyclical upturn. Bannerman Resources fits here. Fourthly is a focus on those companies most leveraged to recovery. A subset of this group are 'the cockroaches' - stocks that have miraculously escaped annihilation, still priced to fail but on the way to reinventing themselves with a new and viable asset. Names like Tangiers Petroleum and Galaxy Resources would fit this profile.