We believe that right now, LICs and LITs are a valuable addition to any investment portfolio. I recently presented at the ASA Listed Investment Company Showcase events in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane along with an exceptional lineup of LIC managers. 

I spoke about the features we like about the LIC market, the key things we look at when assessing a LIC and how they might fit into your portfolio. I also looked at a variety of investment themes you can access through LICs and provided a range of LICs to look at in each area. 

I also explained why the most exciting opportunity in the current LIC market is the ability to access a wide range of LICs at discounts to NTA well above average.

Click on the link to watch the 30 minute presentation in full.

Mark G

What a brilliant introduction to LICs. Great info and considerations to make when looking to invest in LICs.

Gary Buckley


Carlos Cobelas

not true to say that if you're allergic to fees, you may be allergic to LICs. the larger longstanding LICs such as AFI, Argo, Milton, BKI have fees which are barely higher than the index ETFs, less than 0.20% p.a