Steve Johnson from Intelligent Investor shares10 Lessons from the last 10 Years. As Hans Castrop, from Thomas Mann's The Magic Mountain concludes, time is not constant but variable. We've had three great opportunities to buy in the past 11 years. 2003 was a great time to be buying high quality blue chips; 2009 was a great opportunity to buy anything; and in 2011 it was the time for small stocks. Three good opportunities in a little over a decade is more than enough. The years in between are the problem. It's the waiting that does people over. Patience is rare, and most difficult to exercise right at the point you need it most. Avoid acting for acting's sake and cultivate patience because you're going to need it. In my latest article I reflect on 10 lessons from the past 11 years in funds management. Read the article here: (VIEW LINK)


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