Sunset Strip | Aussie market delivered its seventh straight positive day following the strong positive sentiment from Europe and US. US data continuing to hold up while ECB is talking more stimulus details....but we have heard of this before. To borrow the words from the king, we would like ECB to do little less conversation and little more action. Even some of the ivory tower big broker macro giants have woken up to the fact that the domestic economy is looking more like Dennis Rodman and not like Denzel Washington. You don't have to be a genius to realise that the tidal wave of unemployment, rising cost of living and falling standard of living is going to make consumers bunker down when the government catchphrase is cuts, cuts and more cuts. VED debacle will hurt sentiment on the stock in the short term. More comments on gold, media and retail stocks. Trading idea of the day: (CRZ). Wednesday's Star Performer: Henderson Group (HGG). (VIEW LINK)