Anton Tagliaferro, Founder and Investment Director at Investors Mutual, says Woolworths have got some challenges ahead, but things will eventually improve. “The competitive situation is not going to get any easier. Aldi’s not going to go away; Coles aren’t going to let up. At some point, Woolworths is going to be ok, but I wouldn’t jump in at the moment… It’s gonna take a few years to turn around.” One major issue they face is that of margins. “The reality is you’re not going to see those 8% margins anytime soon. They have to try to live with 4 or 5% margins and still be competitive with Coles and Aldi… I don’t think the signs are there that they’ve hit bottom yet and that there’s a turning point anytime soon. It’s not terminal, but it’s not easy.” Full interview includes discussion on Clydesdale Bank and the current value in the market (Woolworths discussion starts at 5:20): (VIEW LINK)