Technicals - Gold - major support located at US$1180

Angela Mangan

The spot gold price originally generated a technical sell signal at US$1321 on 25/8/16 (VIEW LINK), resulting in the technical outlook turned negative. The 11/11/16 decline resulted in the gold price closing below further key technical support (at US$1227) which indicated the potential for a further minimum pullback to US$1200 - a level which was reached/exceeded last night. The chart below highlights that major support is now located at US$1180 - the low points reached in both mid-2013 and early 2014. The gold price technicals remain negative given there is no sign of base forming emerging. A re-entry technical buy signal will only be generated after technical base forming occurs.

Angela Mangan

Angela has 30 years experience in the technical analysis field. Angela joined QMG as a technical analyst in May 2014. Angela was the technical analyst at Bell Potter for 16 years, providing technical analysis coverage to the retail and wholesale...


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