Technicals - oil price - potential to generate a sell signal

Angela Mangan

The Brent price generated a technical buy signal at US$34.68 on 22/2/16. A technical sell signal was subsequently generated at US$46.48 on 7/7/16. The potential has now emerged for a new technical sell signal to be generated. A NY close below US$43.60 is required, which if this occurs, would target a pullback to US$40.20. The WTI oil price also has the potential to generate a technical sell signal - a close below US$42.20 is required, which in that scenario would target a pullback to US$39.30.

Angela Mangan

Angela has 30 years experience in the technical analysis field. Angela joined QMG as a technical analyst in May 2014. Angela was the technical analyst at Bell Potter for 16 years, providing technical analysis coverage to the retail and wholesale...


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