Henry Kaye

TSLA gross profit margins are, like much of Musk's work, overstated bullshit. Try adding back R&D (like the incumbents) and then have a look at the losses being made on the resale guarantees, servicing and warranties. Incredible how unreliable and poorly built these cars are with 99% less moving parts. Just have a look at the acquisition (bailout) of the hopelessly bankrupt Solar City business to get an insight into how Musk treats his useful idiot shareholders. Harvard Business Review waxed lyrical about Enron too... the result is going to be the same here.

Michael Whelan

Henry - I think you are right. And look at the rating assigned to the bond issues; well into 'junk' or non-investment grade territory. It has been well-documented how he has milked governments aka the taxpayer. And he has had a spat with his mate the SA Premier, Jay Wetherill. This will not end well.

Alex Pollak

Henry, Michael... comments noted. Please note that gross profit margins exclude R&D, as they do for all car companies, under GAAP accounting.