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In this exclusive video, Eileen Riley, Co-Portfolio Manager at US-based Loomis Sayles articulates the opportunity available for investors when “the pace of change globally is faster than it has been in any point in recent history.” As well as bringing significant risk, the accelerating changes are bringing significant opportunities, which are... Show More

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Nikko Asset Management Australia

History is replete with examples of businesses and consumers ignoring or dismissing big ideas, particularly those associated with disruptive innovation. In 1876, for example, when Alexander Graham Bell was granted the official patent for the telephone, many businesses dismissed it as irrelevant or insignificant. Famously, Western Union took a pass... Show More

Alex Pollak

November was another difficult month for investors. But it is useful to note that as recently as five years ago investing in high growth companies as a mainstream strategy seemed risky. The idea that a Fortune 500 business would begin moving its IT department (as for example Kellogg’s did) in... Show More

Sinclair Currie

Disruption continues to be the word of the moment. The media sector highlights how new business models can decimate the value of old platforms. Investors are rightfully alert to the redundancy risk associated with established business models and rightfully eager to invest in the leaders of the future. Yet some... Show More

Eng-Teck Tan

China might seem like an unlikely candidate for innovation as it is traditionally better known for contract or original equipment manufacturing. However, with its natural advantage of a vast talent pool, financing and market access, China has most of the ingredients needed to transform into the “Silicon Valley of the... Show More